The P 3.0 Concept

The P 3.0 Concept ensures that you will always achieve your desired performance. BioMar’s feeds are expertly optimised for different types of fish products and adapted to various market situations, ensuring that you reach your goals.
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Optimised feed in fluctuating markets

In an ever-changing market landscape, the price of fish can fluctuate significantly, impacting production costs. From round, gutted and filleted, the range is diverse. Enter the P 3.0 Concept: tailored feeds designed to adapt to the dynamic nature of the market. No matter the market situation, we have got you covered.

The science behind the P 3.0 Concept

Identifying the nutritional requirements for different fish species and for each life stage is the first step to formulating the optimal feed.

Achieving the perfect balance between available amino acids and energy is a critical factor in optimising protein utilisation.The nutritional needs of fish evolve throughout their life cycle, with distinct requirements at each stage of growth.

Understanding amino acids & energy
Unlocking life cycle nutrition variations
Shaping the future of aquafeeds for over 20 years
For more than two decades, BioMar has pioneered feed formulation with the Performance Concept. We have reduced our dependency on individual raw materials so that you can obtain the best possible total economic performance, in the most sustainable way without compromising the constant high quality of our feed.
1997: Getting to know the fish
BioMar’s R&D efforts resulted in the BioRhythm Concept in which the diverse requirements of fish according to different life stages could be identified. This made it possible to provide fish farmers with ideally balanced diets for every size, ensuring healthy and high performing fish. The first research results were on Atlantic salmon.
2004: Getting to know more fish
BioMar started introducing BioRhythmic feeding to many other species, including rainbow trout, sea bass, sea bream, meagre, tilapia and African catfish.
2011: Advanced research creates numerous possibilities
In 2011, a breakthrough in aquaculture happened: Extensive research and development efforts started to bear fruit and BioMar launched a new way of formulating aquaculture feeds. This was the first time fish farmers met BioMar’s game changing Performance Concept.
In the Performance Concept, the feed was formulated based on digestible protein and digestible energy, which is what the fish can actually utilise. By doing so, it became possible to fix the performance of the feed by aiming for a given FCR, without being dependent on particular raw materials.
2019: Adapting to specific farming objectives and market situations
With the P 3.0 Concept, BioMar advances its work even further by adapting the feed to different farming strategies and objectives. In the P 3.0 Concept, feeds are optimised not only aiming for a given FCR but also for a desired balance between FCR, SGR, and a number of other parameters, such as HSI, VSI, Condition Factor (K) – all depending on farming objectives and targeted final fish products. In other words, with the P 3.0 Concept, we can influence on more performance or quality related parameters than before. In changing business conditions, this provides fish farmers with more targeted options when making their choice of feed.

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