Our Principles

We strive to be among the best in creating value in a proper and trustworthy manner by committing ourselves and our businesses to take responsibility and operate sustainably, while creating a motivating working environment.

People & Planet

Promoting Human Rights

Respecting and promoting human rights is essential to living up to our stated purpose. Everyone must be able to live a life in dignity and be treated with respect. Human rights are the foundation for our commitment to innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and performance. 

Ensuring health, safety and quality

Sustainable businesses are built by ensuring there is a serious focus on health, safety, and quality throughout the value chain. Here at BioMar, we never compromise when it comes to keeping our employees safe and in good health. Naturally, we also are highly focused on food safety, quality, and nutritional value. 

BioMar’s first priority is that all employees return to their families without injury.

Commitment to our planet

BioMar is committed to sustainability and climate action. Moreover, our commitment goes far beyond our own company and our industry. We set ambitious targets and welcome broad collaboration when it comes to protecting our planet. After all, we only have one planet and keeping it safe requires shared action. 

Our code of conduct

The Right Way outlines BioMar's way of operating internally and within the creator seafood value chain.

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Business Ethics

Welcoming competition

We promote free competition. We believe that being in an industry with strong competitors, reinforces our overall mission to do our very best and thus maintain our leading position in the market. Therefore, we actively promote a culture where all employees and managers know how to facilitate fair collaboration with our stakeholders. 

Protecting BioMar interests

Everyone employed by BioMar must safeguard the interests of our company as a part of their duties. Our business model fully empowers both our employees and with this freedom comes responsibility. Hence, we reinforce the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest and while trusting the judgement of our employees. 

Information protection

We expect everyone within the BioMar family to protect sensitive business information and personal data. We govern our data in solid systems and ask our people to protect information according to relevant governmental legislation. Protecting your information is of high importance to us which is why we have implemented GDPR and Cookies Policy across all our operations.


The BioMar Speak-Up Line

If any BioMar employees or third parties believe that there has been a breach or suspected breach of any government laws, our Code of Conduct, our policies, or standards, then you should use our BioMar Speak-Up Line (whistle-blower line).
This is a confidential service provided by an independent company — Got Ethics — where any worker or Third Party can raise concerns.
The information you provide will be delivered to Schouw & Co. (the owners of BioMar Group) by Got Ethics through the whistleblower system on a confidential basis. You can choose whether you want to share your name or not.
All reports received through the BioMar Speak-Up Line are handled confidentially by our ethics committee. If a concern raised is related to any of the committee members, they will naturally not be involved in handling the case.
We would rather receive a report on something that turns out to be a non-issue than miss addressing an issue because it is not reported.
No tolerance for retaliation
We want you to feel comfortable speaking up or asking for advice. BioMar does not tolerate any retaliation against anyone reporting a problem or assisting in an investigation.
Speaking up, raising a concern, and asking for help shows courage and sometimes what holds us back is a fear of the reaction of others. Any instance of retaliation against a worker or a Third Party for reporting a concern should be reported.
Please note that deliberate false accusations will not be tolerated. Further, reporting an issue will not absolve a worker or a Third Party from the consequences of their own misconduct.
All reports will be investigated within 30 days, and we will present an action plan for addressing an issue within 60 days.

Speak-Up Line

If you suspect a breach in our code of conduct, policies or any law, let us know.

Submit a report
The BioMar Speak-Up Line is not an Emergency Service. Please do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response.
If you require emergency assistance, you must contact your local emergency services and/or authorities.