BioSustain Impact Parameters

The BioSustain Impact Parameters provide you with an understanding of the most critical areas of environmental impact from feed production. We developed these indicators to further guide and define sustainable innovation in feed and aquaculture. Quantifying and disclosing the impacts of our feeds helps steer us towards a more sustainable aquaculture industry.

Carbon footprint

Climate change caused by Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) is one of the biggest threats to the planet and its inhabitants.

Carbon footprint is a measure of the cumulative GHG emissions from the lifecycle of a product or service expressed in CO₂equivalents. 

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Circular & Restorative

Global food production is currently operating beyond planetary boundaries for a sustainable future.

Aquafeed should therefore be decoupled from environmental degradation and direct competition with human food production.

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Forage Fish Dependency Ratio (FFDR)

Marine ingredients are limited resources that should be used responsibly.

The FFDR is a measure of forage fish equivalents utilise to produce one unit of farmed seafood.

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