Tomorrow is a new challenge

In the heart of BioMar work are our process operators. They are the ones safeguarding quality and controlling that the process is adjusted to ensure the optimal match between ever-changing raw materials, recipes and production conditions. Julie Bringedal likes this job.

From the outside the production process in BioMar might seem very straightforward and automated. But as I see it every tomorrow is a new challenge; two days are never the same and employees in the production are expected to take responsibility and solve a wide range of technical problems,” says Julie Bringedal.

When Julie entered the production at BioMar in Karmøy, Norway, for the first time in 2007 it was to experience that this would not be a place where she could just lean back and enjoy an easy life.

“I started as an apprentice as a part of my education for being a technician within chemistry and processes. It really took me some time to just understand the main processes. At some points I actually doubted if it would be possible to learn the whole process flow within my two year training period”, explains Julie.

“I have been here since 2007 and I continue to be challenged. After my training period, I was employed as process operator and have been in an interim position as team leader. And after taking maternity leave I came back to my old team on part-time basis”.

“Actually, if I should give any advice to a candidate when he or she considers working in the production in BioMar: This job requires that you are ready to take responsibility, are prepared to continuously learn and engage in finding solutions to everyday problems as well as more profound production challenges. If you are ready for this, then BioMar is the place where you will find job security, strong cooperation and colleagues that are more than just a working relationship”, concludes Julie Bringedal.