Performance driven feeds for shrimp

EXIA is the result of extensive research and decades of experience formulating high performance shrimp feeds. Our shrimp feeds are crafted to deliver optimal nutrition, ensuring your shrimp thrive. We offer you a complete selection of top-quality feeds and intelligent nutritional solutions, empowering you to achieve the best economic results tailored to your unique environment and farming conditions.


  • Optimal nutritional components 

  • Adapted to each growth stage 

  • Maximising production results 

      How does your shrimp benefit from EXIA?

      Optimal nutritional components 

      EXIA feeds are designed to improve production parameters through the inclusion of optimal nutritional components tailored to the specific needs of shrimp. 

      Adapted to each growth stage 

      Nutritional profiles and pellet sizes are adapted to each growth stage of the shrimp and various culture conditions. 

      Maximising production results 

      EXIA offers a complete selection of ranges: from maximum nutrition, high-performance feeds designed to maximise growth rates, to feeds formulated for high efficiency and optimisation of production costs. 

      Proven results under different culture conditions