Our Story

BioMar's purpose is rooted in our heritage and commitment to aquaculture. Through cutting edge knowledge and long-lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, we strive to develop and deliver truly efficient, sustainable and healthy feed solutions. We are dedicated to innovating aquaculture.

We are innovators dedicated to an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture.


We understand the power of mutually beneficial partnerships, and we actively seek collaboration across all aspects of the industry.


We embrace social responsibility to develop sustainable aquaculture and strive to reduce our own environmental footprint.


In collaboration with others, we act as a catalyst for change. We support the cross-utilisation of knowledge, both internally and externally.


We work to ensure our customers have access to the most efficient and responsible feeding practices, and we optimise our own value chain.

  • Feed til over 45 species

  • In over 90 countries

  • 2 million tons capacity

  • 1,700 employees

Main species we feed

Worldwide, we supply feed to around 90 countries and for more than 45 different species from our 17 feed production facilities across the globe in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Australia.
Species distribution fed by BioMar

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