Our Structure

Our leadership team drives our strategic vision and commitment to excellence. They ensure alignment and clear objectives across our people. Their leadership drives us all in BioMar to achieve our goals and pursue our mission. 

BioMar Management Group

  • Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

    CEO, BioMar Group

  • Claus Eskildsen

    Claus Eskildsen

    CFO, BioMar Group

  • Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell

    CEO, AQ1

  • Paddy Campbell

    Paddy Campbell

    Vice-President, Salmon Division

  • Henrik Aarestrup

    Henrik Aarestrup

    Vice-President, LATAM, Shrimp & Hatchery

  • Ole Christensen

    Ole Christensen

    Vice-President, EMEA Division

  • Francois Loubere

    Francois Loubere

    Vice-President, Asia

  • Sif Rishøj

    Sif Rishøj

    Vice-President, People, Purpose & Communication

  • Wasiem Husain

    Wasiem Husain

    Vice-President, Strategy, Business Development & M&A

  • Vidar Gundersen

    Vidar Gundersen

    Global Sustainability Director

  • Simon Wadsworth

    Simon Wadsworth

    Global R&D Director

  • Katherine Bryar

    Katherine Bryar

    Global Marketing Director

  • Roger Hendry

    Roger Hendry

    Global Manufacturing & Technology Director

  • Morten Holdorff Møjbæk

    Morten Holdorff Møjbæk

    Global Sourcing Director

  • Henrik Frøsig

    Henrik Frøsig

    Global IT Director

  • Helle Sørensen

    Helle Sørensen

    Global Data & AI Director

  • Michael Gammelgaard

    Michael Gammelgaard

    Global Business Development Director

  • Per Bjørn Helleshøj

    Per Bjørn Helleshøj

    Group Finance Director

BioMar Board & Ownership

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