Responsible Sourcing

Redefining feed ingredients

At BioMar, we have made a pledge to ensure responsible sourcing of all our raw materials as they count for over 95% of our environmental impact, while having a considerable social impact.

We continuously strive to deliver on our commitment to develop an efficient and sustainable aquaculture, and therefore our five fundamental principles of responsible sourcing are embedded in everything we do – from safeguarding product quality and food safety to upholding human and labour rights to protecting natural resources.

We always conduct our business with high integrity and through dedicated collaboration with our stakeholders, acknowledging that we are part of a larger value chain where transparency and collaboration are key.

The five fundamental principles

1. Conduct business lawfully and with integrity

2. Be dedicated to collaboration and transparency

3. Ensure product quality and food safety

4. Protect natural resources

5. Uphold human and labour rights

Working together to redefine feed ingredients

We prioritise and invest in our close partnerships with suppliers, customers, and others. It is our belief that these partnerships are the best foundation for establishing innovative and sustainable initiatives in our industry.

We also believe in exchanging expert knowledge with these skilled and innovative partners, and through committed action plans facilitating speedy implementation of sustainable processes that accommodate customer requirements and value chain development.

When we join forces and combine our expert knowledge of raw materials, feed production, and breeding, we can contribute to sustainable progress in aquaculture together.

Submit your product into our innovation pipeline 

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Global Sourcing Policy

We bring integrity, sustainability, and human rights commitment to all stages of our value chain.

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