Product range in China

Danish feed producer BioMar and Chinese feed supplier Tongwei joined forces in 2015 and established a joint venture in China, BioMar-Tongwei. Combining BioMar's over 60 years of knowledge on aquaculture species and Tongwei’s expertise and coverage in China, BioMar-Tongwei brings top performing sustainable feeds to Chinese fish farmers.

通威拜欧玛(无锡)生物科技有限公司是由全球化水产养殖饲料企业丹麦BioMar Group和中国饲料与太阳能光伏龙头企业通威股份于2015年10月在中国成立的合资企业。依托BioMar Group先进的产品配方系统和对中国市场需求的深入研究,无锡公司研发、生产和销售鲟鱼、虹鳟、大菱鲆、加州鲈及大黄鱼等养殖品种的饲料。