Best Economic Performance P3.0

BioMar wants to be the best at increasing the financial yield for our customers from feed composition and feed choice regime – by using the most advanced and most profitable products in our range. The customer defines the performance goals and we adapt the product strategy.


The path to increased financial yield

The price of raw materials and salmon fluctuates for many reasons, including the global economy, climate, growth conditions, market trends etc. When both costs and income fluctuate it is important that the farmer can choose products that provide the best financial end result – tailored to meet the circumstances.

Best economic performance is a data-based calculation model

The model uses changes in raw material prices to optimise feed formulations for the best financial end result for the farmer.

The basic principle

  • The farmer defines the performance objective, high – medium – low performance

  • We adapt the product strategy to achieve the desired end result

  • We optimise the cost-effectiveness of the feed by active adjustment of feed content when there are variations in raw material prices, safely within a biologically documented framework

  • At the same time, we optimise the performance potential of our products with regard to new objectives, based on the latest knowledge and in accordance with extensive documentation

The farmer can therefore steer production towards his own performance objective by choosing product lines for all or parts of the production cycle.

The path to increased financial yield

BioMar wants to be the best partner in terms of increasing the financial yield of our customers. By means of adapted feed composition, feed choice and feeding regime, we can offer a unique support system based on documentation beyond comparison; the Best Economic Performance model.

The customer defines the performance goals; BioMar adapts the product strategy to fit the customer’s demands. The prices of feed raw materials and also farmed fish fluctuate for many reasons, including global economy, climate, growth conditions, market development etc. When both costs and income fluctuate, it is crucial that the fish farmer can choose products that provide the best financial end result – tailored to meet the circumstances.

Best Economic Performance P.3.0 is a data-based calculation model. The model uses changes in raw material prices to optimize feed formulations, always within well documented limits, for the best financial end result.

Different performance objectives

Lowest feed cost, high growth with low feed cost – or maximum production?

The extremely comprehensive background documentation for Best Economic Performance can be summarised and illustrated as in the figure below. The figure summarises a very large set of data from experiments with the aim of finding the interactions between DP – DE on the one hand, and growth speed (TGC) – fillet yield - feed utilisation (1/FCR) on the other. It shows the consequences of feed composition on performance potential. This is the basic guidance for the choice of feed.

High growth and low feed cost - at the same time

Feed with high growth potential is more expensive than standard feed. The general assumption is that the cost of feed in this case is much higher. This is not necessarily the case. As a rule, more potent feed gives a much lower feed conversion ratio (FCR) than standard feed, and in addition provides salmon weighing several kilograms. This counteracts the increased feed cost, i.e. the cost per kilogram of fish produced.

Our three product lines are designed to provide different FCRs:

  • POWER: Lowest FCR

  • ENERGY X: Next lowest FCR

  • Energy: Third lowest FCR

Feed selection and FCR

The products Power and Energy X clearly have the best FCRs. However, the question is what feed cost this gives in production, therefore feed price x FCR.

Feed cost

Products with a low FCR cost slightly more, but the feed cost is only marginally higher. Taking the production increase into account, the best products are very profitable even with a moderate salmon price.

ENERGY X provides a much higher feed cost than ENERGY. POWER is higher, but here the production of fish is also much greater, not least the fillet yield. Use of QUICK growth enhancer has the same effect.

QUICK performance enhancer

According to the customer's requirements

QUICK performance enhancer contains KRILL from Aker BioMarine. This is krill from the Antarctic Ocean, one of the world's cleanest and most potent sources of nutrition, MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council). With QUICK, both appetite and feed intake increase. This provides extra growth and increased production.

QUICK used in standard products

The farmer himself assesses when appetite needs to be strengthened.

BioMar supplies QUICK for the entire production cycle in a range of products.

  • The products are labelled Q. BioMar recommends that QUICK is used continuously until the weight of the fish reaches 1 kg in order to provide a growth advantage with a compounding effect until slaughter size is reached.

  • QUICK is being used increasingly with large fish to increase feed intake.

  • Customers have found this to be very profitable. Our general recommendation is that QUICK is added to increase appetite if the situation requires this at different stages of fish life cycle.

QUICK is available in the product lines ENERGY X and POWER, the products in this case are called ENERGY X Q and POWER Q.

QUICK used in health feed - SMARTfeed

QUICK is widely used in our SMARTfeeds in order to increase appetite and intake of feed with biofunctional agents when the fish really need them.

Increased production with simple choice of feed

  • Production increases by at least 4% from standard feed ENERGY to ENERGY X

  • Production increases by a further 1% from ENERGY X to POWER, i.e. at least 5% from ENERGY

  • QUICK PERFORMANCE ENHANCER provides a further increase in production, at least 2% extra from ENERGY X and at least 3% extra for POWER if QUICK is used until the fish reaches a weight of 1 kg

  • QUICK is recommended for other uses at all stages of the fish life cycle when performance needs to be topped up