BioMar joins forces with Mols Bjerge National Park on an eelgrass restoration project

On Sunday 19 June, Mols Bjerge National Park will undertake an eelgrass restoration project with the help of BioMar Group and the local Danish community. The project is called Havets Grønne Enge, which translates to Green Meadows of the Sea.

Eelgrass plays a crucial role in the marine environment, as it creates habitats for fish and small animals and at the same time binds large amounts of CO2 as well as nitrogen and phosphorus.

But in many places, the distribution of eelgrass has declined along the Danish coast, and eelgrass meadows are no longer found at the same depth as before. Therefore, Mols Bjerge National Park will now try to plant eelgrass in Kalø cove.

"We want to investigate whether the eelgrass with a little help can spread again in Kalø Vig and thus create a healthier marine environment in the coves," said Project Manager Thomas Stampe at Mols Bjerge National Park.

Many people think that eelgrass is seaweed, but it is actually a flowering plant. Like eelgrass, seaweed helps restore the marine environment, as seaweed absorbs excess nutrients and creates variety for the benefit of the ocean's biodiversity. You can also eat seaweed, and there is every reason for that.

That is why National Park Mols Bjerge for the Sea's Green Meadows event is joined by Michelin chef Morten Rasted from restaurant Domestic in Aarhus and seaweed expert Lilli Gruwier, who shows interesting ways to incorporate seaweed into our diets.

“We see that many people are preoccupied with the challenges of the coastal waters, among other things, oxygen depletion and fewer fish. At the same time, people have also become more aware of the many opportunities the coast and the sea offer, for example, that you can eat seaweed,” says Thomas Stampe.

The Havets Grønne Enge project will include volunteer free divers from the local association Havodderen. The local Danish community will also donate equipment on the day from Karpenhøj Naturcenter and Danmarks Jægerforbund. Lunch will be prepared using algae-based ingredients from Domestic.Lab with seasonal vegetables from the local organic agriculture school. The menu will be seafood based with local fish coming from BioMar’s Hirtshals facility.

“We look forward to celebrating the wonders of the ocean as we mark 60 years of BioMar. Our participation in the Havets Grønne Enge restoration project helps us support the local community and its environment. This project is aligned with our purpose as a sustainable company driven by innovation towards a better tomorrow,” said Claus Eskildsen, CFO, BioMar Group.

BioMar which this year celebrates its 60-year anniversary has helped Mols Bjerge National Park to organise this event and it is hoped that if the eelgrass can be successfully re-established in the area, the project can be expanded next year.