BioMar launches Blue Impact salmon feed at Aquaculture UK

BioMar has announced the launch of the first salmon feed under the Blue Impact brand. Blue Impact is BioMar’s global brand dedicated to sustainability and driving change in aquaculture.

Blue Impact sets strict sustainability criteria that the grower diet must meet across the fish’s entire lifecycle, centred around lowering the diets carbon emissions, utilising more circular and restorative ingredients, and minimising ingredients derived from wild fish stocks.

Blue Impact will launch as BioMar’s most sustainable salmon feed to date, however, represents only the start of BioMar’s Blue Journey. Blue Impact will evolve overtime, offering important advancements in sustainability as BioMar progress through the journey to progressively transform aquaculture.

To achieve this, BioMar will use applied, science-based sustainability to develop and select lower impact ingredients. Blue Impact will utilise these high-quality novel ingredients to produce a premium diet that benefits fish health, performance, and human health with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Blue Impact is created for the farming industry, helping them to meet their sustainability requirements easier while also optimising their operational efficiency. In the past, when creating diets, it has always been a juggling act to ensure feed companies meet salmon farmers’ sustainability targets without taking away from other important aspects. Blue Impact will be the first, no compromise feed that will allow farmers to meet their sustainability targets without sacrificing other aspects of sustainability, while also optimising performance and fish health.

Sustainability ambitions

Blue Impact represents a substantial step towards BioMar’s 2030 sustainability ambitions. Blue Impact is the first salmon feed that directly aligns itself with the set goals. To meet the sustainability targets of Blue Impact across all salmon producing companies BioMar operates in, is a great achievement that will help BioMar meet their 2030 sustainability goals, further demonstrating BioMar’s commitment to developing sustainable aquaculture.

Key driver

With aquaculture poised to become even more important in global food consumption, it’s essential that the future development of aquaculture is done in a sustainable manner. Feed can make up to 80% of the environmental impact. At BioMar we use sustainability as a key driver for decision making and we are very proud of the sustainability of all our products in general. However, as sustainability leaders we should strive for continued improvements to support sustainable aquaculture growth.

As a company that specialises in producing aquafeed, we must ensure we are always on the front foot. That’s why despite launching the first ever sustainable diet at this scale and scope, Blue Impact will continue to make improvements throughout our Blue Journey, drive sustainable practices and transform aquaculture.