BioMar steps beyond feed and into bioremediation

BioMar is expanding its feed offering with a new product category, a bioremediation solution, to ensure optimal environmental conditions for shrimp from hatchery to grow-out.

SmartCare Balance brings targeted solutions for shrimp hatcheries, adding to the well-established hatchery feed range LARVIVA; and for grow-out ponds. This is a natural extension to BioMar’s SmartCare preventive health programme, where a holistic approach to health and welfare is taken.

"Shrimp health and welfare start with the ideal environment for the shrimp to thrive in. These conditions will aid in better survival rates and higher performance,” said Henrik Aarestrup, VP LATAM, Shrimp & Hatchery, BioMar Group at the launch of SmartCare Balance in Ecuador.

“Since we entered Ecuador in 2017, we have been building our market position, and with LARVIVA, we have achieved market leadership in the hatchery segment, helping customers reduce their hatchery cycle from 21 to 15 days. In addition, we have a strong local presence and a team of experts supporting our customers. It was clear to us that Ecuador was the ideal location to first introduce our new products before expanding to other markets”, said Henrik Aarestrup.

SmartCare Balance are probiotic mixes produced in BioMar France. The products are expected soon to be available in the rest of Latin America, where BioMar operates and selected Asian countries.

BioMar has been pioneering the use of probiotics in preventive health feeds since 2010 in both shrimp and fish. BioMar is still the only company to supply diets with a probiotic health claim approved by the European Commission for inclusion in aquafeeds.