The expansion of Blue IMPACT

BioMar’s feed concept Blue IMPACT has a special focus on minimising the environmental impact of aquaculture. Now feeds in the range are offered also in smaller pellet sizes, enabling more trout farmers around Europe to benefit from this feed concept.

"With the Blue IMPACT™ concept, we are raising the bar and move the sustainability of fish feed one step forward and now with the new expansion of the range, we are delighted to offer benefits of the Blue IMPACT™ concept to more farmers around Europe,” said Christina Frisk. Product Manager for Fresh Water Species, EMEA Division at BioMar.

BioMar’s feed concept Blue IMPACT™ has been developed with the goal of minimising the impact of aquaculture activities on the planet. Blue IMPACT™ Aqua, launched in 2020, was the first feed range developed under the concept and had a special focus on minimise the environmental footprint of fish farming activities by reducing phosphorus emissions across the Baltic Sea region.

First feeds, available in 6 and 8mm pellet sizes, targeted large rainbow trout production in cages. Now with the expansion, Blue IMPACT™ Aqua feeds are available also in 3 and 4.5 mm pellets, enabling farmers to start feeding at even smaller fish size. This way, Blue IMPACT™ Aqua feeds aims to benefit more production purposes, targeting both portion size trout and larger pigmented trout

The reduction in phosphorus discharge is possible due to high digestibility of phosphorus and carefully selected ingredients in the feed. This optimisation enables farmers also to increase fish production at the same phosphorus discharge. - Therefore, with Blue IMPACT™ Aqua feeds we not only help our customers improve the sustainability of their farming activities but also offer a viable business solution through a potential increase in production on the same phosphorous discharge, explains Christina Frisk.

Developed in close cooperation with fish farmers, who share BioMar’s dedication to a sustainable aquaculture development, Blue IMPACT™ Aqua feed has been a game changer for sustainable aquaculture. - Generally speaking, aquaculture of today is a very sustainable way of producing animal proteins for human consumption. Today’s aquafeeds are much more sustainable than what aquaculture practised a few decades ago. At BioMar we are proud of offering our customers market leading feed solutions when it comes to sustainability with all our feeds, concludes Christina Frisk.