Dosnica fish farm boosts business with BioMar feeds

Dosnica Fish Farm of North Macedonia boost their already successful farming business with BioMar feeds. Since their first order, this highly skilled fish farming company has been experiencing better performance, better service level and tailor-made solutions what make their business even more successful.

The largest trout farm of Dosnica Fish Farm has an annual production of 250 tons. It is located at 700 meters above sea level, only 4 km from the source of Crna River in in the Municipality Demir Hisar, Republic of North Macedonia.

Dosnica Fish Farm – a leading trout producer in North Macedonia

Dosnica Fish Farm is located in the mountains of Negotino, the municipality of Demir Kapija in North Macedonia. Here, Eleonora and Riste Dimovi have put much effort and pride into making Dosnica Fish Farm become a success. "We are going to conquer the market with fish production" – this was one of the promises the Dimovi couple made to each other from the very start of their entrepreneurial fish farming adventure. The courage and selfless commitment of the Dimovis, combined with the use of modern aquaculture techniques have throughout the years been honoured by entrepreneur awards.

Eleonora used to be a psychologist and psychotherapist. Riste was a mechanical engineer. They saw that most fish consumed in North Macedonia was imported from neighbouring countries. The couple was ready to step into new adventures by taking advantage of the fact that the country had plenty of good quality fresh water for fish farming. In 2003, they started farming carp in a lake and a few years later, they engaged in production of rainbow trout in the Dosnica Fish Farm ponds. First year, they managed to produce 12,000 kg of trout. Since the business has only grown and finding buyers to their fish has never been a problem.

Investments in farming technology and knowhow are combined with a skilled and experienced team working on the farm, and with taking the necessary measures to secure food safety and wellbeing of the fish. In top, the Dosnica Fish Farm is certified to be in accordance with the GlobalG.A.P standards.

Today, Dosnica Fish Farm produces a large variety of fish to the North Macedonian consumers, from portion size white trout to large smoked red trout. They also have their own processing and packing facilities and are selling their fish under the brand “Royal Fish”. Riste Dimov explains: - We are so proud to see how our business has grown and where it is today. It has not been an easy task but was definitely worth it and we continue offering delicious and nutritious fish to North Macedonian families.

Well-considered feed choices

In 2021, Mr Dimov and Mrs. Dimova decided to utilize BioMar feeds at their production facilities of both rainbow trout and carp. – We had been in the fish farming business for many years and tried out several diets from various suppliers. So, when approaching BioMar, our priority was to find the best performing feed for our fish, explains Mr Dimov. He continues: - If the feed does not perform, my business will not thrive. We are very satisfied with BioMar and its feeds. Now that we are boosting the performances of our fish with BioMar feeds, I expect that we will skyrocket our farming success.

The second fish farm for trout production is located on the site Došnica, in the Municipality Demir Kapija, Republic of North Macedonia. Its annual production is 150 tons of trout. The farm uses highly oxygenated waters of the Došnica River to produce unique trout in taste and quality. The crystal clear waters of the Došnica River spring up from Kožuv Mountain at 1800 meters above sea level. Untouched by human hands, they travel around thirty kilometers to the farm.

A part of big successful BioMar family

- What also matters to me is the relationship that we have with our feed supplier. It is very important and we appreciate very much that BioMar is always there when we need their assistance. To us, these are factors needed to build a long-lasting cooperation based on mutual respect and trust to each other, Riste Dimov emphasises.

We at BioMar are extremely happy to know that Mr. and Mrs. Dimovi pay attention to values that are also in the core of our business. Maksim Mironenka, Regional Sales Manager for BioMar A/S, explains: - It makes us happy to see that our customers consider us to be worth not only a supplier, but being a long-lasting business partner. This is definitely our approach, too.

The third fish farm is specialized in carp production. It is located on Lake Tikveš in Republic of North Macedonia. The annual production is 100 tons of carp. The method of production of the carp is characterized by long-term cultivation to obtain the desired quality and structure of the carp. Surrounded by breath-taking scenery and sky-blue waters this farming site is a story by itself.