Finesta – finest with colours

BioMar launches FINESTA – a finisher diet for gilthead sea bream to intensify the skin colour before harvest.

Gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) is one of the most popular fish species of the Mediterranean area. Wild sea bream gets an attractive, colourful appearance by feeding on crustaceans and algae that contain natural pigments, accumulating in the skin of the fish. This feature is appreciated by consumer markets and may increase the commercial value of the fish.

According to Iannis Karacostas, Product Manager for Marine Species, BioMar EMEA, there is no doubt that today’s feeds for farmed sea bream are designed to provide the fish with all the nutritional needs for maximum performance and sound growth.

"To BioMar, the concerns of our customers are a driving force in the innovative development of feeds, Iannis Karacostas says. Yet, generally speaking, farmed sea bream may lack some of the attractive colours of its wild counterpart".

Based on research-intensive knowledge and on commercial field trial results carried out in collaboration with fish farmers under various farming conditions, BioMar has now designed FINESTA - a finisher diet to intensify the skin colour of sea bream before harvest.

"With FINESTA, the colour is fast-appearing and gradually provides a wild fish appearance. By highlighting the vibrant colours of the fish, FINESTA aims to bring extra value to the businesses of fish farmers, Iannis Karacostas is proud to conclude".