German Sustainability Award – BioMar in the final

The BioMar feed factory Brande, Denmark, voted out of three finalists for the German Sustainability Award.

BioMar in the final of the 16th German Sustainability Award. On behalf of BioMar, Kai Uwe Berhard, BioMar Sales Manager Central and North Germany (to the right), received the official finalist certificate at a festive award ceremony in November 2023.

BioMar is a world leading forerunner in the development of sustainable aquaculture feed solutions. An independent expert panel has acknowledged this by voting BioMar A/S, Denmark, that supplies BioMar feeds to the German market, to the final of the 16th German Corporate Sustainability Award.

The expert panel has voted BioMar to be one in the final for the German Sustainability Award for being a pioneer in the matter of a sustainable development in this sector, as BioMar has implemented numerous actions along the value chain in order to enhance sustainability inside the company, at its suppliers, and in the aquaculture industry as a whole.

German Sustainability Award honours BioMar for a playing a pioneering role in sustainability matters in the aquafeed industry by implementing numerous actions along the value chain, with the aim of enhancing sustainability not only within BioMar but also at its suppliers, and in the aquaculture industry as such.

According to the German Sustainability Award jury, BioMar A/S contributes to the transformation of the German industry of Feeding Stuff and Animal Nutrition in an efficient, successful, and exemplary way! The jury acknowledges that BioMar develops and implements exemplary solutions for specific challenges in this industry and that BioMar is an innovative company that has been dedicated to sustainability for many years.

In November 2023, the official finalist certificate was presented to BioMar, represented by Kai Uwe Bernhard, BioMar Sales Manager Central and North Germany, at the occasion of a festive award ceremony. Kai Uwe Bernhard also participated at the supporting programme of this event: “It is impressive to witness the broad range of sustainability approaches that are taking place in Germany. In this context, it matters a lot to us and to our customers, the fish farmers in Germany and abroad, to know that we have been voted to the final for the German Sustainability Award in the section “Feed and Animal Nutrition” section. This confirms that our lang lasting cooperation has contributed to mutual inspiration for developing the aquaculture sector to become one of the most sustainable ways of producing animal proteins for human consumption.”

„We are proud to know that our efforts for being committ ed to sustainability and climate action make such a difference!”, says Anders Brandt-Clausen, Managing Director of BioMar A/S. “Our commitment goes far beyond our own company and our industry. We set ambitious targets and welcome broad collaboration when it comes to protecting our planet. After all, we only have one planet and keeping it safe requires shared action.”

German Sustainability Award