Groundbreaking concept for the next generation of aquafeeds

BioMar EMEA launches the P 3.0 Concept, moving feed formulation one step further by providing fish farmers with feeds adapted to varying market situations and final fish products to maximise their farm economy.


With the groundbreaking P 3.0 Concept for feed formulation, BioMar advances its efforts to bring more value to the businesses of fish farmers.

Within the last two decades, BioMar has pioneered feed formulation with its game-changing concepts, BioRhythmic Feeding and Performance Concept. These concepts resulted in important breakthroughs for the aquaculture industry, such as reducing the dependence on individual raw materials, providing best possible total economic performance for the farmers, more sustainable use of scarce marine resources, without compromising the constant high quality of the feed.

Adapting market situations, targeting final fish products

Feeds formulated with the P 3.0 Concept provide the farmers with the ability to better adapt their business objectives to changing market situations, be it minimising the production costs in a market situation where fish prices are below expectations or maximising biomass in a market where fish prices go beyond expectations. Furthermore, as the research behind the development can document the effect

of the diet in the filleted and gutted yield as well as the quality, the P 3.0 Concept makes it possible to optimise the diets taking the final fish products (such as round, filleted or gutted) into consideration.

P 3.0 Concept is an advanced version of BioMar’s Performance Concept. “The launch of Performance Concept in the late 90’s was a game-changer in the aquafeed market. It enabled us to maximise the feed performance with decreased dependency on changes in the raw materials. With P 3.0 Concept, we are now introducing a new approach to modelling feed performance, providing our customers with more targeted feeds, so they can adapt to changing business conditions and maximise the economic potential of their fish,” explains Iannis Karacostas, Product Manager for Marine Species, BioMar EMEA.

“To ensure correct market implementation, fish farmers can expect that the first diets launched under P 3.0 Concept will mainly focus on varying market situations, such as fluctuating fish prices. Diets optimised for different final fish products are planned to be introduced at a later stage,” Iannis Karacostas continues.

Privileged to be the trusted partner

At BioMar, we feel privileged that our customers have always shown trust in the performance of our feeds and our recommendations on how to maximise the potential of a given feed. They know how much effort we put into innovation, research and development, constantly improving our products and services,” explains Iannis Karacostas. He continues: “This trust is highly appreciated at BioMar, and we strive to live up to our customers’ high expectations.”

We look forward to introducing our new product ranges under P 3.0 Concept and to bring even more value to our customers,” concludes Iannis Karacostas.

Potential for expanding to a multitude of fish species

The P 3.0 Concept is based on extensive research and lays the foundation for how BioMar optimises high performing, market leading feed concepts. It has been used for formulating feeds for Atlantic salmon over many years. Recent research has shown exceptional results on marine species, such as sea bass and sea bream. “We still have ongoing research on rainbow trout, and we hope that we will be able to optimise our feeds for more species under the P 3.0 Concept in the future,” says Christina Frisk, Product Manager for fresh water species, BioMar EMEA.