Increased flexibility, quality and performance

25 % extra production capacity for increased flexibility, for even better quality and performance of Europe's leading fish feeds.

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BioMar Brande line 3 update

Fish farmers will gain substantial benefits from BioMar's coming additional production line at its factory in Denmark, says Anders Brandt-Clausen, the Managing Director of BioMar Denmark.

In spring 2018, BioMar announced an investment of 90 million Danish Kroner for the expansion of its factory in Brande, Denmark. According to Anders Brandt-Clausen, the Managing Director of BioMar Denmark, this investment to an already well-functioning factory is going to be beneficial in many ways, to both fish farmers and BioMar.

- BioMar Group has had its base here in Denmark since it was founded in1962. Since, we have produced high quality, high performing fish feed, always pushing even further the boundaries of what we are able to do in regard to performance and quality of our feeds, Anders Brandt-Clausen said.

- We are now in a situation where our customer base is really big, and it is growing. Our customers are growing because aquaculture is the answer on how to grow fish for future generations, in a sustainable way.

- We need to react on the fact that our factory is reaching its production capacity limit of 120.000 tons. This investment enables us to move further to 150.000 tons. And it will make us ready to adapt to the growth.

- Towards our customers, this will give us an overall better flexibility. We will be able to run three production lines at a time. And since we are investing in an extruder for the production of fry feed, we can also ensure that our fry feed products become even better, in quality and performance. It will enable us to push and move our market leading series of fry feeds, our INICIO Plus, to a new level.

- Our sister companies, the factories within the BioMar Group, are receiving these high performing fry feeds from the factory in Brande. Hereby, they will also be enabled to deliver new product series and better products to their customers.

The factory has been a pioneer within the development and production of RAS feed and is highly recognised for its products as well as expertise within this segment. BioMar states that the new line will imply a significant step forward for the development of RAS feeds with even higher growth performance and enhanced physical as well as nutritional qualities.

Construction of the additional production line is progressing according to plan. According to Anders Brandt-Clausen it is not an easy job to insert an extra production line into an existing factory: - But we worked out how to proceed and will be ready in Q4 2019. This is a perfect timing in regard to the fry feed season in Europe, which starts in January 2020.

- The point is that our customers will experience an increased flexibility from our side. And even better, innovative products, Anders Brandt-Clausen concluded.