MAXIO and EFICO – the right feed for the right need

BioMar introduces brand new grower feed ranges for sea bass and sea bream farmers in the Mediterranean area: MAXIO and EFICO. Farmers can now choose the feed that best suits different farming objectives.

Market conditions in the aquaculture business are rarely the same. Factors like fluctuating fish prices may require adapting farming strategies to maintain a profitable business in aquaculture. BioMar’s next generation grower feed ranges MAXIO and EFICO are designed to provide fish farmers with increased flexibility and solutions targeted to specific business objectives, such as maximising biomass gain or minimising production cost.

MAXIO – high performance feeds for maximum fish growth

MAXIOTM is the effective tool when maximum biomass gain is the top-priority parameter. MAXIO is a powerful solution that allows farmers to go full speed under optimal market conditions, e.g. when fish prices are high.

The combination of digestible protein and digestible energy in MAXIOTM feeds is optimised for reasonable feed costs, low feed conversion rates and growth rates that are second to none. MAXIO feeds deliver improved fish growth and provide the ultimate results in terms of production parameters.

EFICO – minimising production costs when market conditions are challenging

EFICO is the efficient solution that allows farmers to control the economic performance of their farm under challenging market conditions. The EFICO range comprises BioMar’s medium performance feeds that provide increased flexibility and aim at minimising the production cost during periods of low fish prices.

BioMar’s EFICO feeds aim to deliver affordable feed costs and reasonable production costs. Digestible protein and digestible energy in EFICO feeds are combined to optimise the feeds for a relatively low feed cost and low feed conversion rate. EFICO feeds can, for example, be used as a versatile tool when increased nutrient retention is a major production parameter.

The ENA² package

Both MAXIO and EFICO ranges comprise versions that contain the well-established ENA2 concept that enables a synergetic action of different functional ingredients and micro-ingredients.

The groundbreaking P 3.0 concept

MAXIO and EFICO are the first feed ranges for sea bass and sea bream that are designed under BioMar’s groundbreaking P 3.0 Concept. The P 3.0 Concept is a multi-layered feed optimisation concept, which ensures that fish farmers always get the performance they aim for through BioMar feeds - carefully optimised for different types of fish products, and according to various market situations.

P 3.0 Concept feeds are not only optimised for a given FCR but aiming for a desired balance between FCR, SGR, and a number of other parameters. In the P 3.0 Concept, the right amino acid profile, the nutritional requirements of the fish and the digestibility of energy and protein in raw materials are identified with one ultimate purpose: to formulate the right feed that matches farming objectives and market situations.

Iannis Karacostas, BioMar’s Product Manager for marine species, says:

“The P 3.0 Concept has been utilised for other species, like salmon, for some years now. Based on our extensive research, we are today able to apply this novel concept to sea bass and sea bream production. We are very happy to provide our customers with increased flexibility and a solution that can maximise their farm economy.”

Our next generation grower feed ranges MAXIO and EFICO are available from start January 2020.