Mutual growth

At BioMar we strive to develop our staff. Taking part in developing the business is often a very effective basis for mutually beneficial growth. Marcelo Loncomilla is an example of how we grow our capabilities by making the best possible use of good people.

Back in 2014, I was on the lookout for a way to combine my professional development, while providing a cultural experience for my family. At that time we were living on Castro, an island in southern Chile”, tells BioMar’s development engineer Marcelo Loncomilla.

On the other side of the world, the BioMar Group was looking for a strong profile to strengthen BioMar’s Global Manufacturing Team in Denmark.

“We were looking for an opportunity to bring a fresh set of eyes to focus on the development of our factories in Europe and at the same time create a stronger link between our manufacturing efforts in Europe and in the Americas”, BioMar’s Global Technical Director Roger Hendry recounts. The company therefore decided to bring together these shared, mutual interests, aiming to grow Marcelo’s capabilities and at the same time developing BioMar.

Using employee talents in new and exciting contexts is a strong business driver. Roger Hendry adds: “Members of staff with such talents become an even stronger asset to BioMar when they get an insight into the different ways we drive our business around the world.“

“BioMar’s aim for the development of human capabilities brings mutual growth. Today I live with my family in Denmark, and my children are attending an international school. And work-wise I have been appointed Global Process Manager. I am engaged in developing our factories around the world and have even reached as far as China – looking into identifying our next expansion project,” Marcelo Loncomilla adds.