New performance enhancer for sea bass in summer

BioMar EMEA introduces SmartCare ROBUST, a new diet that supports the performances of European sea bass during summer periods with challenging conditions of high temperature and sub-optimal dissolved oxygen levels.

Summer can be challenging in the Mediterranean area. In some areas, high water temperatures and fluctuating oxygen levels in the water can take a heavy toll on European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax).

These conditions have undesired effects on fish performance parameters like feed intake, specific growth rate (SGR), and an increased feed conversion ratio (FCR). Lack of robustness and resistance to other challenging conditions can also be observed.

BioMar has created SmartCare ROBUST to support the general robustness of sea bass, enhancing fish performance under these challenging environmental conditions.

Smart Care ROBUST applies for times with high temperature seawater (above 24 °C) and sub-optimal dissolved oxygen levels. SmartCare ROBUST is formulated with a balanced mix of nutrients and micro-ingredients and combines the probiotic Bactocell® and the multi-strains yeast fraction B-WYSETM. This formula is highly suited to help to maintain good condition of sea bass to withstand autumnal challenges.

Bruno Noguerra, BioMar EMEA’s Product Manager for marine fish species, is confident: - Due to its special properties, SmartCare ROBUST fills a gap. Prior to launch, SmartCare ROBUST has been tested in various ways, including under commercial farming conditions. We are convinced that fish farmers now have a much better opportunity for choosing an optimal summer feeding strategy for their sea bass, adjusted to their specific production targets.

"With SmartCare ROBUST, the fish will get through the challenges of summer strongly and be better prepared for the following challenging season in autumn", Bruno Noguerra concludes.