SmartCare – the new name of functional feed solutions of BioMar EMEA

BioMar’s well proven functional feeds on markets served by BioMar EMEA Division are renamed SmartCare.

BioMar’s SmartCare programme is a range of globally proven functional feed solutions for aquaculture species. SmartCare is a supplementary programme that helps fish farmers tackle daily challenges faced in their aquaculture operations. By adjusting nutritional and functional ingredients, SmartCare enables farmers to improve the robustness, performance, and the growth of their fish.

Standard performance feeds are designed to cover the needs of the fish for nutrients in ordinary production conditions. In situations where fish are subject to stress or adverse external conditions, they will be forced to devote a proportion of these nutrients to overcoming the challenges. This may result in the need for an adjusted diet, with a higher content of selected nutrients to address a specific challenge. By utilising SmartCare products proactively, it is possible to maintain robust and high performing fish and ensure optimal yield.

SmartCare is a well-proven range of functional feed solutions from BioMar. It has been applied in many parts of the world on various aquaculture species and in a wide range of farming conditions. BioMar is now also applying the SmartCare functional feed solutions name in markets served by BioMar EMEA Division, i.e. by our factories based in Turkey, Greece, Denmark, France, and Spain. This means that the well proven functional feeds available in the EMEA markets are renamed. FOCUS Plus and EFICO Forte, for instance, that have for many years been some of the preferred functional feed solutions on the markets, will from now on be named SmartCare FOCUS and SmartCare FORTE.

"At BioMar, we believe that prevention is always better than treatment. Our customers know that we have been supporting their fish and farming operations with our functional feeds for many years. When fish farmers utilise SmartCare feed solutions they will as always experience that their fish will be better able to tackle the challenges that may arise in an aquaculture environment", explains Michel Autin, Technical Director, BioMar EMEA Division