Special bag design marks 60 years with BioMar

BioMar marks 60 years in aquaculture with specially designed feed bags at the Brande production facility where it all started. From May 2022 the feed packed in 20 and 25 kg feed bags at the BioMar factory in Denmark will bear a specially designed artwork.

The production facility in Brande, where it all started for BioMar, has been an important cornerstone in the company’s history. In 1962, a handful of entrepreneurial Danish fish farmers decided to start a fish feed factory in Brande, Denmark. The company was named “Dansk Ørredfoder” – in English: Danish Trout Feed, and later renamed BioMar. Since then, 60 years have passed, and the BioMar Group has become one of the leading suppliers of high performance aquafeeds to the growing aquaculture industry.

A 60 years anniversary calls for celebration. The BioMar factory in Denmark marks its 60 years by presenting a special festive bag design, embracing its origins by presenting its past “Dansk Ørredfoder” logo.

From late spring 2022 and all summer long, the feed packed in 20 and 25 kg feed bags in the BioMar factory in Denmark will bear this artwork.

The feed bags with this special artwork are one among many other ways in which we will celebrate BioMar’s 60 years anniversary, with our customers and partners.

Special bag to mark 60th anniversary