Sustainability is our goal – with every bag of feed

BioMar Group is in a constant quest for enabling sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry. A recent initiative of the BioMar feed factory in Denmark is to utilise feed bags made of 75 % recycled plastic material.

Minimising environmental impact

Achieving sustainability requires meeting human needs without degrading the natural environment. BioMar Group is devoted to developing innovative feed solutions and a sustainable global aquaculture as well as to minimising our environmental impact at all parts of our business, where possible.

In this context, BioMar is proud to announce that we have decided to utilise a minimum of 75 % recycled plastic material in the production of the foil for our 20 and 25 kg feed bags for feeds produced in the BioMar factory in Denmark.

Anders Brandt-Clausen, the Managing Director of BioMar Denmark, explains:

"Utilising a minimum of 75 % recycled material in our packaging is a step towards more sustainable packaging. As we cannot risk compromising on feed quality and food safety, we went for a conservative inclusion level, as a first step. It is, however, our goal to increase the percentage of inclusion of recycled material in the future. Moreover, the new plastic foil consists of 5 layers, the first layer from inside being virgin material, to further ensure that we don’t compromise food safety."

With this new initiative, BioMar aims for providing our customers with both improved sustainability and improved functionality as the new packaging also comes with an improved, stronger physical quality of the foil.

Sustainability at the core

Sustainability has been part of BioMar’s DNA from the beginning back in 1962, when a group of fish farmers founded BioMar with the purpose of producing less polluting quality feed than the commonly used wet feeds of that time. Since then, initiatives on improving our sustainability performance followed one after the other.

Commitment to a common goal

The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Institutions and private corporations were largely encouraged to contribute to this urgent call for action, in a global partnership. BioMar welcomed this initiative as it sits very well to our purpose of innovating aquaculture for a sustainable future.

Ever since, BioMar strives to deliver upon a number of these 17 goals. More specifically, BioMar addresses; zero hunger (goal 2), industry, innovation and infrastructure (goal 9), responsible consumption and production (goal 12), life below water (goal 14) and life at land (goal 15).

"At BioMar, we have many initiatives that serve for addressing these UN Sustainable Development Goals. For us, contributing to the production of sustainable, healthy and safe food for human population in the world comes above all, explains Anders Brandt-Clausen and continues: We believe that any development, big or small, such as this new packaging with at least 75 % recycled material, can inspire for a wide range of similar initiatives for a better future."

Fish farmers receiving feeds produced by BioMar Denmark can look forward to seeing this new packaging from May 2020 and onwards. We hope that our customers welcome this initiative.