Tri-X special feed for triploid salmon

Tri-X is specially designed for triploid salmon. The development of the feed has been ongoing at BioMar North Sea since 2011, with extensive documentation work. Triploid fish have a very high growth potential and have especially stringent requirements in respect of nutritional content and feed components. The key phrase is mineralisation of bone structures.

Tri-X is designed to cover completely different requirements to those of standard, diploid salmon. The growth potential for triploids is extremely high, and that means a requirement for high nutritional content in the feed. There are also high requirements in terms of specific feed components, including providing for normal development of skeletal and bone structures.

Triploid salmon – a new "species" in fish farming

Triploid salmon have three sets of chromosomes instead of the two that diploid salmon have - this is achieved by subjecting the roe to high pressure for a short period of time - approximately half an hour after fertilisation.

This results in an extra set of female salmon chromosomes in the cells.

  • The fish therefore have three sets of chromosomes (triploid), in contrast to the normal two sets (diploid).

  • The increased number of chromosomes mean that triploid salmon cannot carry out the reduction division (meiosis) that is necessary to produce eggs and sperm with just one set of chromosomes.

  • As a result of this, triploid salmon do not sexually mature, but are sterile.

Tri-X for proper skeletal and bone development

It is especially important to ensure the mineralisation of the triploid's bone structure due to the very rapid growth. This is the task of the feed. If the diet does not satisfy the needs for optimum development of the spawn from the very first feed, the fish will develop significant abnormalities.

Triploids have corresponding specific needs in terms of the feed right through to when they reach slaughter size. There are many important feed components that operate individually and together to ensure a healthy and rapidly growing triploid with no abnormalities.

Complete range of Tri-X

A complete range of Tri-X products has been developed from the very first feed for the spawn in the young fish facility through to harvesting. This is to ensure optimum development of the fish throughout its life cycle.

Triploid salmon enjoy considerable growth advantages

Triploid salmon grow better than diploid salmon. The most important factor in the freshwater phase is to ensure good bone mineralisation. This is essential for the fish not to develop deformities later in life. Our freshwater feed for triploid salmon has added Bactocell® and also has a powerful package of minerals that together ensure good mineralisation.

Triploid salmon have distinctive nutritional requirements in the sea phase also. BioMar's Tri-EX is optimised with this in mind, and has a high concentration of nutrients as well as high levels of minerals and amino acids to ensure balanced growth.

Growth development in freshwater

Growth development in freshwater, growth in triploid salmon vs. diploid salmon with the customer.

Growth development in seawater

Growth development in seawater, growth in triploid salmon vs. diploid salmon with the customer.

Triploid salmon have both benefits and challenges


  • Energy is used for bodily growth, not for sexual maturity as in diploid salmon

  • No gene pollution through escape

  • Higher growth rates

  • Earlier and larger smolt


  • Increased proportion of skeletal deformities

    - Counteracted with correct feed content

  • Increased cataract formation

    - Counteracted with correct feed content

  • Increased sensitivity to stress, such as low oxygen

    - Being investigated with further development work

  • Declining growth rate in large fish?

    - Does not seem to apply in recent studies with Tri-X

Tri-X a special feed for a special fish

Exploitation of high growth potential – without problems

Feed for triploid salmon must meet very specific requirements in terms of nutrition in order to provide a successful result.

Tri-X freshwater


  • Bactocell®

  • Powerful package of minerals structure


  • Reduces deformities at the smolt stage

Tri-X seawater


  • Higher nutritional density

  • Strengthened by the amino acid histidine

  • Strengthened by minerals with respect to increased maintenance of normal the formation of deformities


  • Increases utilisation of the growth potential

  • Avoids lack of essential nutrients with high growth rates

  • Meet the requirements of triploid salmon mineral content for development without

Tri-X feed for triploids

  • Provides rapid growth, larger and earlier smolt

  • Reduces occurrence of jaw and spinal deformities in freshwater

  • Maintains low level of deformities from transfer and until harvesting

  • Prevents development of cataracts in the seawater phase

  • Provides high growth and larger fish in the sea