BioMar's Efico Sigma finisher feed for Sturgeon





High PerformanceFinisher

Product Features

Specialised sturgeon grower feeds designed for the different production goals, like caviar or meat production. The feeds are the results of more than 20 years of research in close collaboration with sturgeon farmers to develop nutritional solutions for multiple sizes and species of sturgeon.

EFICO Sigma offers suitable feeds for both recirculation and flow-through systems in various climates for optimum growth performance and cost-effective fish farming.

  • Specialised feeds for both meat and caviar production, including a finisher diet for the mature sturgeon female.

  • Provides the necessary level of micronutrients to support good development of the sturgeon at the different stages.

  • Well-balanced formulation for optimizing growth potential and FCR.

Feed Solutions

Fueling growth and performance

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