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The INICIO Plus range covers all nutritional needs of salmonids during the first life stages. It is based on superior quality raw materials and provides an optimal balance between energy and protein, balanced amino acid and fatty acid profiles, vitamins, and micronutrients. INICIO Plus is updated by applying the latest R&D research on fish and feed nutrition, to bring an assortment to the farmers that is tailored for complying with the different needs of fish farmers and markets.

  • Extruded mini-pellets made of ingredients of high quality and high digestibility. INICIO Plus is formulated with a focus on supplying the best nutrition and good condition to the fry.

  • Emphasis on nutritional stability with boosting vitamins and immune-modulating ingredients and a high digestibility to promote growth of fry.

  • Additional support is provided through special ingredients and additives such as Bactocell® and B-WYSE.

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