BioMar Australia welcomes decision on salmon industry consultation

Tasmanian aquafeed producer BioMar has welcomed the State Government’s consultation on a ten-year plan for the salmon industry.

The move is a positive step forward for the industry and represents an opportunity for all key stakeholders in the process to voice their opinions and help the industry move forward.

BioMar Australia’s managing director David Whyte said BioMar was looking forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for the Tasmanian salmon industry.

“As proud members of the Tasmanian salmon industry, we welcome the opportunity to participate in the process of delivering the ten-year plan,” Mr Whyte said.

“We are excited to move into the next phase of developing a ten-year salmon plan that all Tasmanians can be proud of.

“Feed companies such as BioMar occupy a unique position within the value chain, so we look forward to working with and educating key stakeholders during this process.

“We are glad to see the Government is looking towards the future of Tasmanian salmon, adopting an evidence-based approach, and listening to community voices during the process.

“Together, we can put a plan in place that will ensure all Tasmanians can be proud of this industry.”

BioMar commenced operations in Wesley Vale, Tasmania in early 2020. As an aquafeed producer, BioMar has the opportunity to work with both suppliers and customers to provide valuable insights into what a successful ten-year plan may look like for Tasmania.