Partnering is essential

A sustainable and profitable future for the aquaculture industry needs to be based on joint efforts. We have to be more than just providers of feed. We have to be partners.

For us, a fish farmer is not just a customer, and a producer of raw materials is not just a supplier. They are partners. At BioMar we commit to long-term cooperation with our partners and all other stakeholders. This statement has been true throughout our history and it will also be true in the future.

That's the reason why we always go the extra mile for our customers, and it is also why our customers are so loyal – like the Danish Jøker family, the first to introduce aquaculture in Denmark. For two generations and more than 50 years, the Jøkers have not only been a BioMar customer - they have been a true partner in developing high-performance fish feed.

We have engaged with customers in joint-venture companies for the establishment of feed factories in Chile, Costa Rica and Turkey in order to strengthen the value chain and to further reduce the distance between end-consumer and supplier of high performing feed.

We also work closely with our customers in developing first class seafood products for their customers. Like when we engage with salmon farmer Scottish Sea Farms to deliver best-in-class salmon for Marks & Spencer – to maximise the healthiness, sustainability, taste and naturalness of the end product, the fish.

Furthermore, we contribute to a sustainable and profitable future for the aquaculture industry by working closely with suppliers on developing specific ingredients to be used in our high-end products.