Our commitment to sustainability

BioMar’s sustainability programme

BioSustain™ helps to drive the uptake of high quality, low-impact raw materials in feed recipes, thereby promoting sustainable aquaculture and responsibly produced seafood.

BioSustain Pyramid

BioSustain makes sustainability tangible.

BioSustain is applied, science-based sustainability made tangible for our stakeholders. Click below to see the science-based solutions in our sustainability tool kit. 

We make a promise. Our 2030 ambitions.

We are changing our feed for a future

  • Climate Action

    Reduce BioMar total feed GHG footprint by 1/3 by 2030

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  • Circular & Restorative

    BioMar feeds 50% Circular and Restorative by 2030

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  • Enable People

    100,000 people directly engaged in capacity building initiatives annually by 2030

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Explore our Sustainability Report

We strive to impact the industry and the planet beyond what we have ever done before. 

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What are the BioSustain Impact Parameters?

The BioSustain Impact Parameters provide you with holistic coverage of the most market-critical environmental impacts from feed production.

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Life Cycle Assessments and Material Flow Analysis

Feed level calculations provide our customers with multi-criteria analysis options on feed performance, price, and sustainability.

The Sustainability Committee

To ensure our commitment to sustainability, our strategy & performance is governed within the highest levels in BioMar. 

Carlos Diaz

CEO, BioMar Group

Claus Eskildsen

CFO, BioMar Group

Sif Rishøj

Vice-President, People, Purpose & Communication 

Vidar Gundersen

Global Sustainability Director 

Morten Holdorff Møjbæk

Global Sourcing Director 

Roger Hendry

Global Director, Manufacturing & Technology 

Simon Wadsworth

Global R&D Director