Working cross-borders

All new employees arrive at BioMar with dreams and aspirations. Rasmus Petersen has found a place to fulfil his potential for growth and to cooperate with people from all over the world. Others are looking for job security, decency and professional friendships or for a possibility to influence the aquaculture industry.

"When I had my first day in BioMar back in 2014 I had a feeling that BioMar would be an employer that could contribute to my professional development", Rasmus Petersen tells.

"When applying for a job as formulator at the BioMar plant in Denmark I believed that there was a good match with my competences and interests. Furthermore, the job would be worth a daily commute of an hour each way."

"On the other hand I never imagined that after just 24 months with BioMar I would be participating as a super-user in a global implementation of a new ERP-system and supporting the start-up of a new factory in Turkey. I have really enjoyed the international cooperation and project participation, but I never believed that such opportunities would be part of my first years in the job", explains Rasmus.

The daily key tasks for Rasmus are optimization of recipes, design of declarations and updating the combination of raw materials in the formulation system.

"My experience is that BioMar is a dynamic and innovative company which plays an important role in the industry. I experience a working life where you get challenges that match your competences and aspirations. However, maybe the best is that I get this feeling of belonging to a new kind of family. At BioMar, I feel a sense of community and a pleasant way of being together. Not only in Denmark – when I cooperate across borders as well", concludes Rasmus Petersen.