World class gastronomic experience with danish farmed trout

End August 2022, BioMar attended an inspiring tasting event where Kokkelandsholdet, a group of elite chefs from the Danish Gastronomy Association, prepared world class dishes with Rainbow trout raised by Musholm A/S, a leading fish farming company in Denmark.

Participants for the gastronomic experience

The tasting took place at Musholm island located in the Great Belt. Going there by boat, the guests visited the Musholm farm to get first-hand information on how the trout is raised.

The purpose of the tasting event, arranged by Musholm A/S, was to facilitate an informal, constructive, and non-biased debate on aquaculture, gastronomy, locally produced food and on food politics. These discussions were warmly welcomed by the guests, including local interest organisations such as Verdens Bedste Fødevarer and Tænketanken Frej.

The chefs of Kokkelandsholdet – literally translated “the Danish national team of chefs” – represent Denmark at international gastronomy challenges with well-acknowledged reputation. For the tasting, Kokkelandsholdet prepared world class innovative dishes based on locally produced high quality raw materials and ingredients, including trout fillets and roe from Musholm.

At the event, BioMar was represented by Jesper Villadsen, Sales Manager in Denmark. We thank to Musholm A/S for organizing this inspiring event, to the talented chefs of Kokkelandsholdet for demonstrating how innovative gastronomic experiences can be created by using high quality farmed fish products and, last but not least, to the participants of the event for constructive discussions on fish farming, seafood and gastronomy.

Musholm A/S

Musholm is an aquaculture company specialised in sea farming of trout of the species Oncorhynchus mykiss. Musholm also produces trout roe into various products, e.g. Sujiko and Ikura for the Japanese market, – and fresh and frozen trout eggs (caviar), lightly salted, pasteurized in jars or naturel in special packings for food-service and retailers.


The Danish Kokkelandshold, a group of elite chefs, is a part of the Danish Gastronomy Association. Danish Gastronomy Association aims to contribute to the development of the Danish gastronomy and to support talented chefs to further improve their proficiency.